We realize that couples have different health and emotional needs when planning to have a baby. The staff at West Suburban Women's Health recognizes this and offers couples as many choices as possible when offering prenatal care.

Most women assume that they will see a physician for their prenatal and delivery care. This is the standard for most practices in this area but we also offer the option of obstetrical care by midwives.

Midwife Care

Those with health conditions requiring close medical supervision will have their needs best met by exclusively seeing our doctors. Women who are free of health problems have the option of choosing either the physicians or the certified nurse-midwives to provide their prenatal care and supervise their in-hospital delivery.

The nurse midwives focus on offering individualized care throughout the pregnancy and specialize in labor support. The nurse midwives work in close collaboration with our doctors at all times. Our midwifery team is now offering water birth at Hinsdale Hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions about Midwives

  • What is a certificed nurse-midwife?

    Today's certified nurse-midwife, a professional health care provider, is a registered nurse who has graduated from one of the advanced programs accredited by the American College of Nurse-Midwives. In addition, nurse-midwives must pass a national certification examination and meet strict requirements set by state health agencies in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Nurse-midwives work in clinics, hospitals or birthing centers. The majority of births attended by nurse-midwives occur in hospitals and birth centers. Nurse-midwives provide prenatal, postpartum, and routine gynecological care. They are probably best known for how they help women during labor and delivery, but they apply their philosophy of care in all settings and with women across their lifespan.

  • What is the nurse-midwife's philosophy of care?

    The philosophy of care for the Midwives at West Suburban Women's Health is to provide comprehensive and individualized care to achieve a safe and satisfying birth. They believe in the promotion of optimal health of mother and baby by utilizing the appropriate use of technology and medicine while emphasizing supportive care, education, and alternatives to minimize unnecessary interventions.

  • What happens if I need more care than my CNM can provide?

    All nurse-midwives consult with physicians if there is a problem that may put a woman at risk. The midwives at WSWH work very closely with our Ob/Gyn physicians to provide safe and comprehensive care to all our patients.

  • What if I have a complication and a physician needs to take over my care?

    In the event of a complication, the physician and midwife work together to co-manage an individualized plan of patient care. The patient will maintain contact with both her doctor and midwife.

  • I thought midwives only delivered babies at home?

    The nurse-midwives at WSWH only attend births at Hinsdale Hospital. Home birth is not an option through our practice.

  • Can I only have a nurse-midwife if I want natural childbirth?

    As advanced practice nurses, certified nurse-midwives have the ability to order all available pain relief options for labor including epidural anesthesia in addition to providing non-pharmacologic support for giving birth.

  • Does insurance cover midwifery care?

    Yes! If the physicians at WSWH are covered by your insurance plan, the care provided by the CNMs will be covered as well.

West Suburban Women's Health are strong proponents of vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC). While this is an option for many patients, it may not be an option for all. We will thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of VBAC and the criteria to decide if this is a right choice for you.

Lactation Consultant, Patty Janicek RN in addition to her consulting for lactation questions, hosts Baby Basics 101 classes as well as support groups for new mom's.

High Risk Obstetrics

Our physicians are all board certified or board eligble by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and well versed in management and treatment of conditions that affect you during pregnancy. We work in very close relationship with Hinsdale Hospital's Maternal Fetal Medicine Center and the perinatologists (high risk obstetricians) who work there. We enjoy taking care of the more complicated pregnant patient. In addition to having a daily conference call Monday-Friday, the doctors along with the midwives meet routinely to have in depth discussion of high risk patients and discuss the latest, up to date standards of care. This commitment to communication is very important to us. We strongly feel it is crucial in provding care that is consistent and appropriate for you and your child.

Together, we are able to offer women the highest quality health care regardless of you and your baby's needs. Hinsdale Hospital's Newborn Intensive Care Unit provides the most up to date critical health care services for newborns in need in a very personalized environment.

Infertility in the woman may be caused by any of the following…

  • hormone problems which prevent ovulation or prevent implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus
  • physical problems such as scarring of the tubes due to pelvic infections or endometriosis
  • genetic problems such as Turner's syndrome
  • congenital abnormalities of the uterus or cervix
  • being overweight which can prevent normal ovulation
  • abnormalities in the cervical mucus
  • production of antibodies which attack the sperm
  • smoking, alcohol or marijuana use
  • thyroid disease, diabetes, or tumors of the pituitary gland

 The following tests may be done to aid in diagnosis and treatment…

  • ovulation predictor kits
  • semen analysis to determine if the male partner is producing normal sperm
  • post coital test to evaluate whether the sperm are able to move through the cervical mucus
  • hysterosalpingogram to confirm if the woman's tubes are open
  • progesterone test to see if a woman is ovulating

Family Planning

Our doctors and nurse-midwives have access to the latest options in contraception for our patients.

In-house Ultrasound

Both vaginal and abdominal ultrasounds are available in the office for early pregnancy confirmation and various obstetric and gynecological assessments.


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